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Nike Factory Store Digital Movement

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"I followed the consumer." In 1992, joined the Nike Factory Store, now as Nike Factory Store global brand vice president and project director of Trevor Edwards said. This can be explained nike factory store cut television and print budget to increase the digital input of the reasons for Nike Factory Store the target consumer group is the 17-year-olds, they are more willing to buy a pair of cool dazzle shoes, Nike Factory Store, and they are big part-time bubble in the online community. These products are based on the 2010 nike factory the formal establishment of "Nike Factory Store Digital movement, according to Fortune magazine reports, the department's goal is to promote a variety of equipment and technology to help users to participate in sports when monitoring personal related statistics. However, the cardinal movement work of the Department by no means confined to research and development of the fashionable sport equipment. Nike Factory Store in the digital domain, the core direction of their work: control of the nike factory outlet, customers of the data to track customer demand, and create and maintain online communities in order to establish ever closer contact.

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