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nike factory store

"Factory store" is a shop directly set up by factory, the goods in th factory store is much cheaper than the same goods in commercial street,and its main business products are surplus products, overstocked products,or over-quarter products and so on. In addition, as a factory store,it have the same shelf-style's presentation as supermarket, it must also ensure adequate supply in place, and the price can really reflect the consumers' mind.

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Therefore, according to the concept of "Nike factory store",its nature is still a discount store of brand.Compared With Outlets and the numerous brand discount stores,"Factory store" has feature that is small scale,single-brand goods and so on.And compared with the general professional stores, "factory store" has its own characteristics in the image,the goods,price,service.Among these, the advantage of price is its attractive magic.

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Factory Store as a new retail model, its business will make brand more popular. This mode of operation just meet the needs of these consumer groups. For manufacturers,Factory Store have a series of transaction functions,such as the show, auction, sales, logistics, which will lead good development of the entire apparel industry.